Healthy Snack & Drink Combination Vending Machines
Don't Pay $7000.00 for a Healthy Vending Machine!
America's Hottest New Vending Machines for your vending business.

* $45,625.00 per year !
(25 $1 vends per day per machine operating 5 machines)
* NO forced products or Healthy franchise fees.
* NO payout to most locations.
* Great locations that are guaranteed*
* Exclusive territory.
* ONE machine for healthy snacks and drinks - not two.
* Only $3385 for Machine & Location (plus shipping)

Healthy vending machine businesses are the newest and hottest vending business opportunity. Get in now.

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Locating Guarantee*
Upon Location being secured you will inspect the location for your approval.
You may reject the location and a new location will be secured free of charge.
There is a free replacement guarantee of one year from the date machine was placed on site.
This includes free replacement for any reason such as income performance, business closing, etc.
Commission to the location is normally a small 10 % to 15 %.
Average Set up time is just 14 - 28 days.

Set up*
Upon receipt of payment, we will ship to you your vending machines and everything needed.
You may elect to have your vending machines shipped to your approved locations. (credit cards not accepted for this option).
Locating will contact you, collect their locating costs and gather your info such as zip code, desired location type desired, etc.
Locating will then commence and complete the securing of your vending machine locations, usually within a 1 - 5 mile radius from your home.
When your locations have been approved and secured, you will then inspect each location.

Where will my Snack and Soda / Healthy Combo machines be located?*
Machines are normally located in the lobbies and break rooms of large corporations, office buildings, hotels, motels, fun centers, telemarketing firms, large insurance companies, large realtors, mortgage brokers, large beauty salons, nail salons, industrial parks such as factories, machine shops, warehouses, automotive such as full service car washes, full service lube centers, new tire stores, large auto repair shops, etc.

Locating Guarantee has been updated on 11/06/.2013. Guarantees for purchases made before this date will remain intact.

Optional healthy banners are $125 each, $149 for the pair.
Machines normally ship 8 - 10 business days after funds clear and/or receipt of location address. Shipping is not included in above prices.

Machine Specifications:
Fees for Guaranteed Locations (see above)*
Computerized sales records.
Credit/Debit card ready. (optional reader)
Dispenses 16 snack selections - 164 snacks.
Chips, candy, candy bars, gum, etc.
Dispenses 110 drinks - 6 - selections - bottles, cans, soda, water, energy drinks.
Coin changer and currency accepter; $1's, $5's, $10's, & $20's. Includes automatic currency (bill) stacker.
Beautiful state of the art machines
Pricing from .05¢ to $99.95, easy touch selection pad, individual electronic pricing for each selection and customer friendly LED display.Energy efficient refrigeration system CFC free.

Anti-theft design.

NAMA (National Automatic Merchandiser Association) approved.
Full one year warranty.
Easy loading shelves.
Underwriters Laboratories listed.

RoHS (Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

Dimensions: Height 69.5" - Width 31" - Depth 29" - Weight 437 lbs. empty
Electrical: 110 - 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 3.8 Amps.

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Check Territory Availability &
Complete Costs with Shipping

Hold Your 25 mile Territory
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machine, times 5 machines equals $45,625 a year in currency and furthermore is a mathematical calculation only
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