Land a Quarter Games
Fill them with water and they fill up with money!

Do not be fooled by this imitator - LYONS VENDING
they have stolen OUR product images and text and have incorporated such on their website. They are attempting to gain your trust and hard earned money with our reputation.

We are the originator of the Land a Quarter Game

* Just 8 quarters a day into each unit
will equal $28,800 a year !
(40 units)
* Great locations that are guaranteed*
* NO commissions to locations.
* Protected Charity sponsored territory.
40 Machines & 40 Locations (plus shipping)
 Only $4,995 (plus shipping)

Our Land a Quarter games vending machine business package prices are incredible and sell quickly.

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HURRY Territories sell fast! . Tech and vending support is always available: 386-232-4589

Average Set Up Time is Just 14 - 21 Days.

How the Land a Quarter Games Work:

Fill them with water, people try to land quarters on the pedistal to win.
Winning average is only about 1 per 460 coins dropped.

Vacation Certificate Give-aways
Winners sign sheet behind the counter.
When collecting your money, gather winner sheets and mail certificates
Certificates cost you just $1 each .
Certificate winners call 800 number on certificate.
The Vacation Certificate company will take care of the rest.

Drink, Pizza Slice, Soda, etc. Give-aways
Simply reimburse location for any drinks, soda give-aways.

Hurry, charity sponsored Land a Quarter Game territories sell fast

Vending games business custom give-away posters.

Vending games business vacation give-away posters.

Land a Qurter vending games business Vacation certificate give aways

Prices include everything you'll need - Don't worry.
Guaranteed locations - (see below).
Exclusive Territory.
Charity sponsorship.
Attractive, high quality, high impact acrylic games -
Proudly Made in USA.

All supplies needed, locks, stickers, personalized business cards, 1st supply of vacation certificates.

Average 21 -28 day set-up.
BEST POSITION - placed on cash register counters in local high traffic business like convenience stores, fast food restaurants, pizza shops, bowling alleys, gas marts, bars and taverns, etc.
NO PRODUCT TO BUY! Just fill the games with water and they fill up with money!
Twice as many accounts for your investment.
NO SPLIT to your locations. Charity sponsored - only $1 - $2 per unit, per month to charity. You keep the rest.

Locating Guarantee

Check out our A+ Business Rating with all the Business / Consumer Reporting Agencies.
Don't take chances with inferior locating companies or machines.

Go with the vending company that's been trusted for 20 years!
Don't worry. With over 10,000 satisfied vendors, we know how to make it easy and do it right!
We're extremely proud of our
A+ Rating.

*Set Up and Locating Guarantee

Set up
After you complete your online order with us, we will ship to you your vending machines and everything needed - machines, charity sponsorship, posters,, stickers, business cards, locks, etc.
On shipment day, you will receive tracking numbers via email.

Locating will provide you with a link to fill out additional information - businesses you desire, zip codes etc.
Locating will then begin securing your selected locations from your list for your vending machines.
As your locations are secured, they will be automatically emailed to you.
You will be provided with all of the approved location information including the managers or owners name that approved your machine placement, location address and phone number.

Then all you need to do is drop the machine off. That’s it! You’re now in the vending business.

Service your locations, pay your charity just a $1 per month, per machine and the rest is yours.

Normal completion is 14 - 21 days from funds clearing our account

The BEST locating guarantee and right of refusal in the business!
Right of refusal works for you on two levels. First, you will be able to see the entire lead list of businesses on the website before locating ever makes a single call. If there are any businesses that are too far away or in bad areas you can simply click the remove button and that business will not be called. Second, if there is a secured location on the list that you dislike you still have the opportunity to turn it down. This offers you 100% protection to make sure you’re getting the best locations.

Revenue Guarantee
For every 3 Locations you order you'll be provided you with 1 free replacement location. Replacement locations may be used if you are unhappy with a location for any reason. For Example: With an order of 12 locations you will receive 4 free replacement locations. You have 30 days from the date the location as initially found to request a free replacement.

3 Month “Kick Out” Warranty
If a machine is kicked out (the manager or owner asks you to remove the machine) of a location in the first 30 days from the date the location is found it will be replaced free of charge. This does not count against the 1 free replacement location that comes with every 3 locations ordered.

2 Year Extended Warranty
After a machine has been on location for 30 days you may order an unlimited number of additional replacement locations for $20 each. This could be due to a business shutting down or a machine simply not generating enough revenue.
You may order replacement locations for up to two years after the date the location was initially found.

Right of Refusal
If you visit a location provided and you feel that it is not a good fit for your machine then you are not required to place a machine in this location. In locator terms this is called the right of refusal. When you hire a locating company you want to ensure that you are able to refuse a location. Finding you the best locations is our job*. However, it is understood that sometimes you may prefer not to place a machine in every location provided.

Types of Locations targeted in your selected zip codes:
This is a general list of the types of locations targeted. Keep in mind though that every machine is different so the list targeted may vary slightly for your machine type. For example spiral gumball machines do best in pizza parlors.

You may also create a Wish List of businesses to be called. These are businesses that you want called specifically for you. Once you login to the Admin Panel (if you are a new client you will get your Admin Panel login information on Sunday) go to the profile tab and click on Wish List. From here you will be able to create a list of businesses for us to call. You only need to enter in the businesses name and phone number. You can login periodically and check the status of the wish list.

Apartment Buildings – (100+ Units)
Auto Repairs – (5+ Employees)
Beauty Salons – (5+ Chairs)
Car Dealers
Cell Phone Stores
Chinese Restaurants
Department Stores - (JC Penny and K-Mart)
Electrical Supply
Employment Offices
Hair Salons
Junk Yards
Lumber Companies
Pawn Shops
Pizza Parlors
Plumping Supply
Print/Copy Shops
Tanning Salons
Tattoo Parlors
Truck Stops
Trucking Companies – (Drivers lounge)

Locating Guarantee updated 11/20/2013. Guarantees for purchases made before this date will remain intact.

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To Schedule a Vending Specialist Call Back or Call Us at 386-232-4589

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Check Territory Availability &
Complete Costs with Shipping

Hold Your 25 mile Territory
Before its Taken

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